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October 29, 2007

inside/outside heaven

It is amazing/interesting how we believe in heaven: any place of complete bliss and delight and peace. Whatever your image of it is, it is mostly some vague idea inside your head. Inside your head. Inside your head.
What is your heaven outside your head? Your heaven in “the real world”? Is it the same as the one inside your head? Which one is true or truer?

Now, which heaven is more important for you? Would you be willing to risk your outside heaven for your inside heaven? or the other way around?

Here’s something more interesting, providing the heaven inside your head is rather different from any outside heaven you might experience (which usually is the case, or you are a very happy person now):
Where does your idea of heaven - your inside heaven - come from, if you never really truly experienced it nor seen it in the real world?

My best answer is that it’s something that you constructed inside your head from multiple happy events, happy situations and happy ideas in your life.

It’s just an idea.

It’s just not real.

It’s an illusion.

Want something more interesting? Re-read the post replacing “heaven” with “hell”, “happy” with “sad”.

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