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October 15, 2007

emtpy it and refill

Letting go is freedom,
no-self is transcendance,
its nothingness is sweet and light.
who is it that lets go in the first place?
to become who afterall?
let go? for what? why?

Empty the cup and it is still a cup,
Empty the cup and it loses its utility, not its function,
Emtpy the cup to fill it up again,
A cup it is.

"let go", I hear them say.
forgetting (and neglecting) is what I see them do:
Like a cup forgetting is it a cup,
a cup forgetting to be filled !?!
How can it be?
for it is a cup,
How can you be?
For you are what you were,
emtpy it and refill;
For you are what you might be, what you will be,
just emtpy it and refill.
You are a cup.

1 comment:

ella said...

i'd rather be a human:)