One Emotion

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September 11, 2007

Not sure

I am not sure what to say
I am not sure what to do
I am not sure what to tell
I am not sure how it all fell
It just wasn’t all here one day :
The boring sky changed from the color blue.
I am not sure about our tomorrow
But I am sure about my today
It feels different, it feels new, it feels fresh… anyway,
We will be what we want, we must,
There are no reasons to distrust,
Except for the incertitude,
Of any eternal plenitude,
Except for my uncertainty
To express a certain future,
Where we both and all can mature,
And lie peacefully warming under a sun ray,
Rain clouds passing us by, white or black,
For starting today,
A choice was still made, no turning back.


Krys said...

I am not sure what to comment...

ella said...