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September 03, 2007

Confusion diffusion

The point is to make the things clear.

The thing is, there are so many points:
related, linked, supposed, speculated, presumed, unknown.
Be watchful of fear.

So many ways to join the points into lines:
long, hard, easy, wise, quick, progressive, risky, regressive, unknown.
Pay attention to the road signs.

So many ways to follow the lines to form a course:
Far, new, familiar, traditional, arduous, even more unknown.
Expect remorse.

It is the unknown in the way that you can’t know,
That you can’t understand, can’t see, can’t fathom and can’t imagine.
It is also the unknown you can’t disown:
Dreams, possibilities, potential, opportunities, desires.
Where to point these burning fires?

You can also even call it luck, if you see fit.
For the nature is of never ending change,
Know to be moved by what you want from it,
Know to accept what you fear of it and rearrange,
Your mind to fit the points into lines into courses into ways of life: close and far, fast and slow, easy and hard.

Avoid the illusion,
Consider it like a test.
For the nature of the unknown is confusion,
And confusion reigns when you rest.

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Krys said...

ufffff ma ele jalad to read it all!!1
pls next time right it shorter eza betrid! :))