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August 21, 2007

Dream of it (Featured Post)

dream of it
with eyes wide open
dream and imagine
it's real
until your mind
reaches its epic
and your eyes tire
you fall asleep
with the foam
beneath your

-- By a talented anonymous visitor of this blog.

What could "it" possibly be?


Anonymous said...

tu sais, je t'aime in a way...

BeeBux said...

Faylasoufitto !

Krys said...

mais suis pas anonyme moi!!!!
walaw tu peux dire clairement et platement KRYS!!!

BeeBux said...

Poke off !

Stigma said...

Thank you Beebux.

Both of you, leave those comments alone and let me enjoy the moement and this sweet post.

Anonymous said...

ma32oul ba3ed ma 3refet what the "it" could possibly be?? go back to your original post!

Anonymous said...

i see the anonymous s'est confondue ac une autre anonymous
da3it el tasé

Anonymous said...

who am I?