One Emotion

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August 09, 2007


Far from home,
Far from family,
Far from friendships,
Far from love,
Far from real contact,
Far, distant and detached,
But not alone.
Only one step afar,
from me and myself,
Only one distance, I have to cross;
Crisscross, I, me and myself.
Only one step, I have to take;
that between I, me and myself.


ella said...

very, very, very nice
i love it
and i'm glad ur this close to urself

Krys said...

far from intelligence
far from reason
far from logic
far from being a normal human being pauvre naz!!!!


Stigma said...

krys: your next nul comment is getting whipped out.

ella: It's not me, we all are.

Krys said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BeeBux said...

Distance is just a matter of perspective !

Krys said...

OMG ur erasing my comments u U^&%&$#@@@!&**(!!!!