One Emotion

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Another space: One Emotion, check it out.

June 29, 2007

This is your life: your emotions

Tell me, what do you feel? Tell me, is it real? Does it hurt that bad? Are you happy or sad? How does he make you feel? What does she feel when you tell her what you feel? Do you feel they feel your pain, your joy, your suffering, your delight? Do they feel for you? Do they care? Do you feel for them? Do you care? Tell me, what do you care about? Who do you care about? Why do you even care to care? Tell me, what do you feel? Do you feel it’s real?
The keyword is “feel”: Did you ever wake up feeling low with the world on your shoulders? Did you ever wake up feeling like the world is yours? Your feelings follow you all day, even in your dreams at night. Your feelings follow your every move, your every look, your every observation, your every decision, every word you speak. Some know their feelings at all times while others rarely heed attention to them. Some feel they know the feelings of others while others feel it’s pointless. Sometimes your feelings drive to your highest mountain where the sun is shining and the clouds are gone. Sometimes your feelings sink you to the deepest loneliest cave where a mere shimmering of light seems like a fading long lost childhood dream. Sometimes you feel pretty much nothing as there’s not much to feel about. Sometimes, perhaps for a just a few moments, you feel completely free, free from all, and perhaps free from all feelings. Most of the times, you feel the same, same as yesterday, same as you ever did, same as you should be.
The keyword is “free”: When you feel what you feel, did you ever wonder? : Do you want to feel that way? Do you feel that you’d like to feel that way? When you feel, do you really feel it? Do you really know what you feel? Do you know where it’s coming from? Do you know what’s causing it? Do you feel the world commands your feelings? Or are you commanding the world what you feel? Does your life and what happens to you control your feelings? Or do you have controls over your feelings? Do you go with the flow of feelings and see where they lead? Or do you ride the flow of feelings and lead it to where you want to go? Do you feel free? Have you ever felt free?
The keyword is “lead”: we are emotional creatures. Our life is made with decisions. Our decisions are shaped by our emotions. Our emotions come and leave, change and return, hide and appear, with each breath. Our bodies breathe with each our emotions. Our bodies are overturned with each of our emotions: anger as the head heats, fear as the stomach freezes, rage as the nose burns, love as the heart warms, shock and surprise as the nerves jolt, lust as the groins tremble, fright as the eyes halt…
Do you know what you feel? Do you really know how you feel it?
We are emotional creatures, not knowing how our feelings arise, not knowing what will become of our feelings. We are emotional creatures, feelings and thoughts running rampant inside. We are emotional creatures having seldom realized that our feelings are free; free to go, to come, to change. Our emotions and feelings are followed by our emotions and feelings. And as one is followed by the other, one is lead by the other. Our emotions and feelings are lead by our emotions and feelings. If you are leading without choosing then try choosing when to lead. If what you feel is not what you want, can’t you feel what you want? If what you don’t feel is what you want, can’t you feel what you want? If what you want and what you feel both feel the same, can’t you just want what you feel? Since if what you want is what you feel, then you are free, because, if you feel free, then you are free to want all you feel and perhaps, feel all you want.

June 20, 2007


Visit the forest,
Where the air is pure,
Visit the fountain,
Where the water is ever flowing,
Visit the beach,
Where the sun is ever lasting,
Visit the mountain,
Where the cool heights stand tall,
Visit the room,
Where the warmth is engulfing.
Visit the sky,
Where the clouds shape dreams,
Visit your source,
Where everything is endless,
See that this end is not everything.