One Emotion

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July 13, 2006


July 12, 2006


What’s on your mind, sweet?
Are your thoughts confusing and running wild?
Are those tears, dripping down your feet?
What does your heart speak?
When you ask it about your dreams,
When you see that far high mountain peak,
You’re craving to climb. It seems,
You have lost the light,
That burned in your eyes,
The light faded, wrapped up with lies.
You carry too much stones to fight;
Too much unneeded pain.
Just stop fighting in vain,
And look inside for unseeded ground,
Throw away the rocks and be found,
Where you belong, in the long lost place you long to see,
Where you were once free:
Free, that’s all you need to be…

July 05, 2006

Inspire the "This is your life" series

Hey, it's been a while, "The Keyword" is going to be more active then ever with a new series entitled "This is your life". The new posts will be an atempt to describe/interpret/analyse/develop (!) the various things guiding your life and maybe ruling it:
your emotions,
your love,
your desires,
your thoughts,
your beliefs,
your behaviors,
your communication,
your relationships,
your dreams,
your senses,
your ego ...

For this project (yeah, I'm calling it a project), I will put away my favored philosophical and abstact perspectives and approches for something more pratical, something that, I hope, we can all use everyday. It's not going to be easy but it's never been that way with this blog.

If you feel inspired and have something to propose, something you think that's a big part of your life, something that makes and affects your life, please feel free to post a comment.