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June 14, 2006

This is your life: your map

The world. Life.

The world is grand, large, huge, immense, very, very big. Life is even more so. Do you see that?
Inside that mind of yours is a map, your map. This map is what you know. It is how you know what there is; It is how you know which way the cars drive, it is how you know which stairway to take coming home, it is how you know that your ice cream will melt if you don’t eat it fast, it is how you know what to say, it is how you say what you know.

This map dictates how you interact with the world.

The keyword is “dictates”: Can you see and think about what you don’t know? No you can't. Do you perceive what you can’t imagine? No you don't.
Let’s take this further. All you can possible plan is based on what you can perceive. All you can possibly do is what you can imagine. Except from the not so frequent occasions where we surprise ourselves, there is always a zone of possibility for your decisions and actions. Your “maneuvers” (a considerable part of them) are mostly restricted to this zone. It’s like having a giant lens and seeing the world through it. It’s not the world you really see, you only see your mapped out image of it.

But hey! Who said you can’t see straight in the first place? Why do you need lenses?

“The map is not the territory; the word is not the thing defined.”

Some of you might say that you somewhat inherited maps from your parents, society, friends, that those maps where drawn from what you’ve been through in your life. While this is true, it’s your map and you created it, you can change it, you can make it as you like it.

The keyword is “interact”: Life is interaction, constant interaction with all there is, all you see, taste, feel, touch, hear. Good interaction comes with experience, a good map helps too.The only sure thing about life is change. Life as it is changes and your interaction changes it too. The more you know, the more changes you can intend and handle. The more you handle, the more you know. The more you know, the bigger map you have.

The keyword is “world”: This is your world. This is your Life. When was the last time you learned something new? The last time you drew something on your map? How many unknown places are there on your map? How many “uncharted territories”? I hope you get the map-analogy now. This post is a call to making that map bigger, better, clearer. Your world will be bigger, better, clearer. Your life will be bigger, better, clearer.