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May 19, 2006

Mind Games

There are many mind games you can play with people and eventually yourself (huh ?). Mind games are rather simple but intricate tricks and techniques you can use to spread confusion and illusion. Those can be used to claim power, resolve some conflict, take a surprise advantage over a given situation, reset some misconceived idea or more pictographically, to reset the sails to a new land or retake some ground.

The Mind is mainly about focus. A focused mind is a strong mind. A mind focused on a task is an achieving mind. Playing with the mind is playing with its focus. The mind just goes where the focus is. You know the trick now: focus.

Imagine you want to sell something. You need to convince the other of the importance of whatever it is you’re selling, lemonade for example. You really need to put forward the amazing qualities of your lemonade. You also need to conveniently conceal the fact that your (incompetent) friend that’s making the lemonade is secretly pissing inside. (Yeah, I’m making it hard). So whenever a potential client doubts the tastefulness of your healthy (and all natural) lemonade, you need to gently refocus the attention on your lemonade life’s altering benefits. If you somehow stop to think about the potential urine matter that’s inside, you will lose focus, your mind will drift, the client loses focus and you will have to drink your own horrible lemonade. Sometimes, you may have to take or give a free taste, which eventually will teach you not to sell your own shit. Seriously though, everyone wants great refreshing lemony zesty lemonade, you’re just describing it. Let’s take that idea further (more??...).

Here’s where it gets interesting. You are like the lemonade. You know there is some genuine lemons in you and you know there’s some piss in you too. And, same as before, you need to “sell” yourself. But, here’s where it gets different: Everyone has drank his own share of piss in his lemonade. Some are used to this, other’s just don’t want to admit it; either ways it is being drank and sold, everywhere you go. You could make better lemonade of yourself but you need to sell more of that first grade lemonade first. So you’re left with mainly one choice, make your lemonade better, and make yourself better. The better your lemonade, the more people will come, the more people will come, the better the lemonade. Till, eventually you find your ultimate lemonade, the lemonade that makes you and everyone happy. Now, if only you could just stop pissing in your lemonade, it sure will lack some taste and maybe if you could only stop thinking about the piss inside, then, maybe, you could sell and be more. What you focus on, you see, and what you see is really what you get. Are you lost? Good, that’s part of mind games. This is a mind game, after all.

Mind games are about words, words are about pictures, pictures make a movie and a movie is a nice game you are playing. Make it a nice movie.

The keyword is “lemonade”: Did I really just talk about lemonade? ...


al x said...

what if u're allergic to lemonade but can drink iced tea only if the tea leaves are planted in senegal?

ella said...

Hmmm... very interesting, and your lemonade is tasty:)
Off my mind goes to play;)

ella said...

Lemonaaaaaaaade! we want more!

Vero Salum said...

I'm amazed. This is the first time one asks people to "sell themselves" to others in order to attract more and more "buyers" to eventually end up "leading a happy life".
What if, since you were a kid, the only thing that ever made you happy was to "piss" on people?

But you're as perverted as our education norms. When I was a little kid, my teacher used to call my parents and claim that I had a problem because "I refused to play with other kids." They even thought about taking me to a shrink because i simply didn't feel like playing with others.
And it's not over: millions of kids around the world are still taken to see shrinks everyday simply because they do not wish to stop pissing, simply because they do not wish to hide their piss, and simply because they do not wish the sell lemonade, nor themselves.

As long as there are no serious innovations about these integration and normalisation criteriums, we will still have jails and psychiatric hospitals.

Stigma said...

I agree with all that you said. I fear you have taken this post too seriously.

As a kid, I was never happy pissing people off. However strange it might seem to you, I was, too, the kind that refused to play with other kids, finding their games almost all about pissing contests in some way or the other.

However, The sell/buy concept does truly work in the world, specialy in the business world where a person is a commodity like any other, easily disposable if he/she loses their value. I do not wish to sell myself as you say but yet, sometimes, it seems i have to.

Jails and psychiatic hospitals do depict a serious lack (lets call it that) in modern societies. Innovation in that sector will probably take ages. Maybe some do not wish to wait that long and prefer to somewhat adapt the piss-lemonade market structure.

I do like your irony and sarcasm and respect your view and values. You do seem sure about lots of things, I sincerely hope you are right. The problem is infusing those values and views into societies, which all seem to me, perverted.

I am just curious to know about the problems they diagnosed.

Vero Salum said...

"The problem is infusing those values and views into societies, which all seem to me, perverted."

Since we know that ANY kind of society is by itself the "problem", the "perversion", what we need to do is stop trying to see how we could infuse inadequate values and views into it, but maybe put an end to Society. Go beyond Society. Which of course will happen whether we want it or not: the Postmodern age we're living is only a beginning...
Our next challenge in this post-society future: to create new values.

Stigma said...

The right values have always been the same: justice, righteousness, love etc.
The problem is structures that have worked greatly, at least for a while. It seems now that the limits of the current systems are being more and more apparent, more and more exposed, more and more obvious.

"the Postmodern age we're living is only a beginning...
Our next challenge in this post-society future: to create new values."

I have been sensing/smelling revolution for a while now (dunno why...). If i have to accept that, we'll be a part of it. The question is how can we face that challenge in the best way possible and with the most contribution. What shall we do?

ah well, maybe ill wait till WW3...

Bonoboo 47 said...

maybe not...
does "stigma" come from "stigmatization"?
keep it up then.