One Emotion

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January 22, 2006

Bwa3 in Lalaland

Note: post with arabic phonetics.

Little bwa3 was born in Lalaland, a somewhat magical land, not far away from earth. Bwa3 was a nice kid. He played nice little games like all the kids. He ran in fields. He had a pet named 3lak that liked to lick Bwa3 tiny little fingers. Bwa3 was happy in lalaland. Lalaland is a land of many wonderful but maybe silly things. The land had vivid colors like the rainbow, strong sweet smells, happy lalapeople jumping all around dancing all day long, cute lalapeople sleeping at night cuddled up like little fur balls, and everything a nice little boy named Bwa3 would need. Everyone was free in lalaland, doing what they liked best.

Bwa3 grew up. He had to leave lalaland as everyone else does when they grow up. Bwa3 was now on earth. Bwa3 was very excited to be on earth. All that Bwa3 wanted to do was to tell the earthpeople about lalaland, that it was a great land where everyone was happy. He had some pity for the earthpeople running around all day long doing so many unimportant stuffs. Bwa3 wanted everyone to know about lalaland. But, Bwa3 was such a weird creature to be on earth. It was the single most interesting thing anyone on earth had seen. Whenever anyone looked at Bwa3, they would laugh. Bwa3 was very funny to earthpeople. No one would take care of Bwa3, or even talk to him. Bwa3 was very lonely. Bwa3 didn’t understand what they were laughing about. Bwa3 was sad. Bwa3 missed lalaland so much. One lonely night, Bwa3 was crying under a star, and he wished that everyone on earth would get the chance to see lalaland. That night, like in lalaland magic, everyone on earth saw lalaland in their dreams. Every earthman and earthwoman lived in lalaland in their dreams, they had the chance to see the beautiful cute lalaland.

The next morning was not a regular morning. The earthpeople were impressed by their wonderful dream. They all wanted to know about Lalaland. Bwa3 was happy that everyone loved him now. Bwa3 was laughing again. Bwa3 was happy again, like he was in lalaland. Bwa3 decided to travel and meet every earthman and earthwoman and tell them about lalaland. Bwa3 was jumping around again, like a nice little kid in lalaland. Whenever Bwa3 met some earthpeople, Bwa3 would tell the earthpeople to just say “Bwa33333333333”, “BBBbwaaaaaaaaaa33”, “Bwwwwwaaa3”, “BWA33”… because if they just call his name, they will see Lalaland, the land where Bwa3 came from. The earthpeople were very happy with this discovery of a new wonderful land like Lalaland. All they did was Bwa3 all day long. And everyone on earth lived a happy ending and utter destruction of their world. Bwa3.

January 16, 2006

The crazy world

There is a need for some crazier posts…

The keyword is “crazier”/“crazy”: The world is crazy. Too many people bumping around too many people, doing too many things to each other. Too many stuffs getting swapped, robbed, given, squeezed, taken, eaten. Too many talks over the universe, the girl next door, the society, the rotten sandwich you ate last time, the political affiliation of African monkeys, the “accident” at work with the boss. The world is really crazy. Come on man, we need some rules. This can’t go on like this.

The keyword is “rules”: The world has rules. Lots of them: “You can’t tell me this”, don’t put your hands on the stove, don’t drive too fast, don’t eat too much. The world even has people for making rules: lawyers, crappy managers restructuring company rules every time there’s a problem, the stupid girl at the counter who can’t sell you this item until the boss comes, the know it all in your study group who thinks this essay has to be like this, the cable guy, your parents. There are rules, yet, the world is crazy.

The keyword is “crazy” (yeah again, it's an important word, you know): rules are just crazy. Don’t go there, don’t do that, don’t think that, don’t feel that, don’t tell your girlfriend she’s a fat cow, don’t tell your boyfriend he’s a low life underachiever, don’t drink too much coffee, don’t say those mean things, don’t go to that party where they’ll be those people, don’t pay by credit card because it’s not accepted here, don’t sleep late, don’t smoke, don’t drink and drive, double check the parachute, don’t look him/her in the eyes like that, leave tips, don’t cross the road now, don’t be nice to that guy, don’t talk dirty to me, don’t be attracted to that girl, don’t think much about that, don’t get too hung up in your life, lock the doors, don’t get too relaxed, don’t show me those obscene pictures, don’t put too much perfume, don’t gaze people in the eyes, don’t try weird sexual positions… rules, rules, rules. Who made those rules? What are they are for? Those are surely making the world go crazy. But hey, you live by those rules… Are you crazy?

See what "Crazy" means or just see the word "Crazy" one more time:
Adjective: crazy (crazier,craziest)
1. Affected with madness or insanity
2. Foolish; totally unsound
3. Marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness
4. Possessed by inordinate excitement
5. Bizarre or fantastic
6. Intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with

January 15, 2006

The Finality

Everyday, you travel past, present and future. You remember what you did, how you were, You look at what you are doing, You plan the next week end, You may recall that conversation that happened between you and your friend, You think about what to say to your lover at that special date because it’s not been working out quite well lately, You smell that deliciously cooked meal, You recall what’s before? What’s after? What’s in between? …

The keyword is “between”: You’re in between your past, present and future lives. Yes, you have three lives, maybe more. You have the right to look into everything so you are just exercising that right, looking inside all those lives. But, You DO have to make a choice. Don’t you?
The questions go like this:
Which life do you really want to live? …
Where do you want to be? …
When do you want to know the good and bad times? …
Where do you want that sweet kiss to land? In a memory, in a hope or in this moment?
Where do you want that sweet kiss to land? In a memory? in a hope? in this moment …
In a memory, in a hope, in this moment …
Are you feeling this kiss this moment? … Just think about that kiss.
There is no kiss now, right? You felt it, right?

Do you know where everything is heading now? …
You probably don’t, that’s ok. Where is the end to all this? …

The keyword is “end”: Are you (still) looking for an end to all this constant back and forth journey? The past’s treasures aren’t here anymore and the future still hides his.
Where to look? Are you looking for an end, for finality?

The keyword is “finality”: Wherever you go, there is no finality; the finality is just here and now: You are just reading this…

Yet, when you are here and now, there will be no finality; finality once found, will disappear: You are still just reading this…

Think about that, post some comments. I’m sure this post won’t be the end…