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November 27, 2005

Solve this

This is something to think of. I’m sure you can relate to it.

It’s one of those sweet afternoons. You have your sweetest music on. You have much to do but nothing you couldn’t handle for later. You are just chilling here.

Here’s a feeling that might come to you: “I am good here. I feel good.” You might think: “Hey, this is nice. It’s all good. I have all I need, I want nothing”. You want nothing, that’s good. You really do not want anything, that’s great! You achieved this feeling with not so much stuffs around you, not so much to do or think. This is a great state, “wanting nothing”, “having all you need”. It is something every man is looking for. Yet, it is now available to you. In fact, come to think of it, you have felt that before, it’s just now that you realize it.

Can you keep that state? Not for long, I bet. Just when you realize you want nothing, sooner or later, you will start wanting bigger things. Just when you thought you have all you need, you realize you will need more. You have all you desire, yet, you will surely desire more.

So you are here wanting nothing, feeling good about that. And you are here desiring more.
Solve this, what will you do? What will you really do?


Bea said...

Hey Marc,

First of all, very interesting blog you got there. You have an
interesting vision of things, very philosophical yet deep and
encountered in our daily life.

To tell you my point of view on the "Solve This" post.

These kind of situations of extreme happiness happen to me a lot. I try
to find why I am in this state of mind now, why now and not before,
although the environment is the same and the context might be very
stupid (like walking on the street, listening to a song, watching people
passively) and it occured to me that the triggers that put you in the
state of mind are sometimes feelings hidden in your inconscience.
Anything can trigger thoughts burried in the back of your mind.
For me humans are always in constant search of something and always
thrive for more and more. They want to satisfy their needs now, this
moment. Take for example food. You're hungry, you're dying of hunger
(expressionally speaking) but biologically speaking you can live without
eating. But if you don't eat, will you be able to continue your day
normally ? I bet no. You'll have a fake headache because your mind is
thinking about food and your tummy and so on.
Let's jump to another level. The shopping hysteria of women, a world
known satisfaction.

Is our happiness related to our satisfaction ? Are these 2 states a
cause and the eventual effect ? Are we misinterpreting things ?
Humans can be satisfied by nothing, you need nothing to feel happy, the
fact of living for a man having a disease makes him happy, the fact of
having a roof ontop of its head for a homeless makes him happy. The fact
of finding a musical suite for a musician makes him happy. Waking up in
a dream job for a graduate makes him happy. Yet even if humans have
fought to get to where they want, it will fade away, because we are
thriving for more. Those greedy humans, why can't we just stick to what
we have ! Is it because we see others and get jealous that they are
having more and more and we want this projection on our life ? Is it
because all material things don't have a true meaning ? Is it because we
are missing something ?
But when you loose everything, you get to think, damn, I was so good
when I had this thing. And I couldn't be happy about it. A simple thing,
a car ! When you used to drive a car, you'd curse the day you had one
when you're into a traffic jam. The day you loose your car, you'd say,
damn... I should have enjoyed every single ride I had in that car with
or without traffic jam... It does apply to almost anything.

We love our past, we love our comfort, not moving, not doing anything,
having everything on a silver plate, we hate unknown situations, humans
get stressed, a word that is so common today. You are not ok, you are
stressed ! People want to be categorized, have a definition.

What will I do ? Will I satisfy my needs, my hunger, my ambitions... Of
course yes. Because ambition is born of a need, a need of a desire to
have or be something/someone, and these things keeps us moving forward.
I look back and learn from our mistakes to make our future brighter
(easier said than done) but eventually when you don't think of things
you begin to be happy... I thrive for more challenging days, something
to keep me going on, something to have a meaning in my life, a meaning
for my passions, a meaning to accomplish my dreams... But when i get to
my dreams what will I do, I don't know. Until then ! I will see you on
the next blog :P

Anonymous said...

"sometimes ur up , sometimes ur down and when ur up it doesnt look good as it seems to be.."



Tan :) said...

Don't u feel sometimes or often that ur brain is split in two? 1 part that wants to concentrate on a specific subject/issue/thing..and the other part interfering, taking you anywhere but to the thing you want to think about? 1 part wanting to enjoy nthg but this moment, be and stay there, and the other one either revisiting ur past or projecting the future? this 2nd interfering part, u can call it your ego, ur restless mind, always looking for more,thinking,analyzing every action u take, every word u say, every situation u're in...The few seconds when u realize u want nthg and u feel good are when u are fully present, when nthg exists except this feeling, this state of pure bliss..unfortunately, ur ego resurfaces and everything is ruined. Yes u desire more, u want more, u are ambitious, u want to make future plans, but again it is now that u will take action. So the solution?? stick to what u have, enjoy it to the fullest and let tomorrow take care of the "more" u r desiring.

Ella said...

Hi Marc,
A dear friend highly recommended your blog, and after checking it, i understand why he did.
Simple text you've got there and a complicated one at time!
I wonder if your blog text is a test or it is really your way of thinking, i guess it's stimulation for our minds: To solve this! There’s, of course, not one solution to this. There is not any true one neither since it varies from a point of view to another. This is what’s good about it: exchanging different point of views.

While going through your lines, one word flashed into my mind: Depression.
Some people depress without knowing why or without even knowing they are depressed. Some say “I don’t know what’s going on with me, but strange things are happening” others say “I need nothing”. What is shocking is that the second saying is worse. Because, as you can see, the first one notices the changes that are going on but the second thinks it’s normal and he needs nothing: he’s okay! Feeling neutral, sensing nothing, needing no further things: this is depression itself. It’s like the guy gave up! And which is worse, he gave up without being aware of it! He’s surfing on the surface of reality and being satisfied about it! Not trying to get any deeper, you know what I mean? Depression is not locking yourself in a room and crying yourself all day and night long, it is not trying to commit suicides neither, and it is not shouting and yelling to whomever u encounter (even though those situations could be part of a depression, but not necessarily) the thing is, when you feel you’re moving slow, you’re heavy, you feel meaningless, useless, you’re “lazy”, you’re “empty”…this is more like it!
L’amertume (French) which is also known as Vitriol is a substance that we all have in our bodies at a normal dosage, but when one is afraid of “reality” this toxic substance starts damaging, it increases and kills desires (it is surely not that simple, but I’m trying to simplify) and it would damage any emotion: Hate, love, desire, passion, happiness or else… wouldn’t be felt by “l’amer” anymore. He wouldn’t like living neither dying. And that’s the problem. Feeling neutral! (Just as I said earlier.) Some people suffering from this kind of “sickness” could be aware of it, some others could not, except on Sundays’ afternoon, which is the lazy time when they feel like the time is not passing by, they feel empty…cold…without meaning or feel nothing at all (they think they feel nothing but in fact billions of dangerous stuff are there hidden deep in the unconscious). But Monday morning comes when they go doing their habitual work again and they’d forget about their symptoms. I will stop with this idea here; I am just trying to comment I won’t get into many details (though this is all due to my appreciation of your text)
Two more things I’d like to add, I like the comment of Bea: Your clever friend here is talking about "appearances" needs at a certain stage. I’d talk about true needs. Superficial needs are food and car and all the things mentioned, but these aren’t the things that one seeks for being happy. Something deeper people try to find to get satisfied: it is knowing who we are and why we are alive.
2nd, commenting on "when you don't think of things you begin to be happy":
Not to think of some things doesn’t mean they don’t exist, it’s like when you look at the stars, you don’t see them all but they exist. Same thing, you ignore some ideas because you’d rather not think much which becomes dangerous because you are driving them back to your unconscious mind, and which is worse, when u try hard not to think of them, you emphasize their strength, they start reacting negatively. So, on the contrary, revealing those things and researching for their meaning is the way to happiness.
Thumbs up, you stimulated my mind!;)

Ella said...
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mikeprice88459195 said...
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Vero Salum said...

Jusqu'à quand comptez-vous vous limiter au stupide "objet quantitatif" aux dépens de la "Qualité différentielle"?

Oui, voilà la question qu'il faut se poser.

Prenez mes quelques mots comme des branchies vous permettant de scruter plus dans les profondeurs. Car jusqu'à présent, vous ne faites que "patauger" à la surface tout en souriant bêtement à vos parents sur le bateau, vos camarades à vos côtés.

Apprendre à respirer sous l'eau n'est pas chose facile, mais vous me remercierez lorsque vous aurez des yeux capables de voir les splendeurs des fonds de nos océans.

idé-toujours-fix said...