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October 12, 2005

Know what you want

After this long wait, you gentlemen and lovely women need something. The keyword never stopped, it just wasnt published. Anyway, The keyword is back.

The keywords are “Know what you want”. Let me break this down to you.

The keyword is “Know”. Know everything. Know all that you see, all that you feel, all that you hear. Know it in all its aspects, its forms, its realities, its illusions. I might even say, Know it like you own it. To know is just be aware. That is not very simple, though. Just, try to make it simple.

The keyword is “what”. You don’t need everything. You don’t want everything. You may think you want lots of things.
Stop reading now, ask yourself what do you really want now. Just try to know what you want now. At this very moment…

… done?, good. I bet it wasn’t many things or at least not as many things as you thought there will be.

Here’s another aspect of the keyword “what”,
What causes what? What creates what? What induces what? The effects of the what are as important as the what itself. The effects of your action is as important as the action itself. The “what” you want has many layers. The “what” has so many implications. Know the aspects of your what.

The keyword is “you”. It’s all about you. Everything is about you. You have your goals. You have your needs, your desires, your thoughts, your expressions, your silly remarks, your wonderful talks, your past failures, your present discoveries, your future goals. You are heading somewhere. Where’s that again? Tell me…

The keyword is “want”. You want to be happy, just that. You maybe want everyone to be happy, or maybe not. You want this because it will make you happy, or well, happier than you are now. Your desires rule you. This is just true. Know what your desires are. Know how you “carry” them around you. Know how many of them confuse you. Know what desires to have.

Know what you want. Let’s review what you have discovered:
Try to be aware of things, try to be aware of the different aspects of the thing, try to relate them to you and your goals, act and then indulge your desire. If you don’t succeed, you just keep trying or just ask yourself is that really what you want?
If by some weird and fortunate situation you find yourself one moment, wanting nothing. Yes, wanting nothing whatsoever. Enjoy it. And, guess what, you can now fully choose what you really want. Enjoy that too.