One Emotion

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Another space: One Emotion, check it out.

January 22, 2005

Over-analyze this

I think people (including me) should stop thinking. Some people suffer what you may call an excessive obsessive compulsive over thinking disorder. Every little thing should have its place, every personality its own psychological stereotype, every act its own script, every look its significance. Problem: people really don’t give a … (fill in the blanks with whatever word you feel like) about what you may think or at the very least, they just can’t know your analyzing probing thoughts.

The keyword is “don’t give a … ”: You really want to be part of something. If you aren’t you wouldn’t feel alive. You’re not really part of your whole self. You sure want to touch others, but somehow you don’t really touch you. You sure want to know about others, maybe in some desperate cause to know yourself. Whatever you may start feeling, you relate it to other people or at least to the weird images you have of them. Fact: these weird images, my man/girl, are a part of you; YOU build those images, they only make sense to YOUR silly self.

The keyword is “image”: image as a picture/representation of something. Yes, illusions my friend. Quoting from “The Tibetan book of dead” (no questions please): “All these are like dreams, Like echoes, Like cities of clouds, Like mirages, Like mirrored forms, The moon seen in water.” Yes, all you perceive/feel/think are subtle illusions. The subconscious is a powerful thing. Problem: indeed, big, big problem.

Example (a simple one):
You meet someone. You’re both having loads of fun. She is great, laughing, smiling and all that. You start thinking, should I take this to next level? Should I say this or that? Should I do this or that? Should I kiss now or later? What will she think if I say this or that or do this or that? How will I react after that? ...
Relax your restless mind. RELAX!

The keyword is “relax”: When you start analyzing (i.e. Over-analyzing) something, Stop. You are missing a shot at something simple and pure, relax, go with the flow and the mood, this flow and this mood you are intuitively creating.

The keyword is “intuitively”: never underestimate sheer intuition. It is the most direct reflection of you. Stop analyzing every single thing you see to build some sort of big ass image. Touch her, kiss her and just tell her. Act as you feel, react as you feel, not as you should feel. Be yourself. Just be yourself.