One Emotion

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November 27, 2005

Solve this

This is something to think of. I’m sure you can relate to it.

It’s one of those sweet afternoons. You have your sweetest music on. You have much to do but nothing you couldn’t handle for later. You are just chilling here.

Here’s a feeling that might come to you: “I am good here. I feel good.” You might think: “Hey, this is nice. It’s all good. I have all I need, I want nothing”. You want nothing, that’s good. You really do not want anything, that’s great! You achieved this feeling with not so much stuffs around you, not so much to do or think. This is a great state, “wanting nothing”, “having all you need”. It is something every man is looking for. Yet, it is now available to you. In fact, come to think of it, you have felt that before, it’s just now that you realize it.

Can you keep that state? Not for long, I bet. Just when you realize you want nothing, sooner or later, you will start wanting bigger things. Just when you thought you have all you need, you realize you will need more. You have all you desire, yet, you will surely desire more.

So you are here wanting nothing, feeling good about that. And you are here desiring more.
Solve this, what will you do? What will you really do?

November 05, 2005

Think of Possibilities

Please read this very, very slowly, it is interactive.

Think about your past. Where you were, where you’ve been, what you did it, when you did it, how you did it, why you did it. You carry this past with you, wherever you go, whenever you are, whatever you do. This is the past. The past is heavy. It slows you down sometimes. The past haunts you sometimes. The past dives in uninvited reminding you of tragedies, happy moments, stupid mistakes, intelligent breakthroughs or just lucky breaks. The past is what you did and what you were. The past is your journal. You write it as you move on through this life. The journal is always there, you will always find it. Hey, but the past is over, you are here now.

Think about your present. Think about where you are now. Think about the time now. Think about how you feel now. Think about what you are doing now. Here you are just reading this now, no more, no less. This is the present. This is just you, where you are, reading this. There’s no one here, there’s no time, there are no plans and there are no worries. This is now. Now, there is nothing but the present, the now.

Think about the now. Think about how it may become. Think about what you can do. Think about the possibilities you have now. I remind you that the past is over. The past has passed. There is just the now. The possibilities you have now are not those of the past. Think about the possibilities you have now. Think only about that. If you feel that there’s not much for you to do now, that there isn’t much possibilities, think again. Keep thinking until you find all that you can do. The possibilities are larger now, right? of course.
If you still have limited possibilities, think again, until you finally realize that the possibilities you have now are endless. Endless, yes. You couldn’t write them down or list them. Not by any way.
I have a point. As you are reading this now, you will find that you can stop reading this junk, you can continue too if you like it. That’s a possibility, just one…
… I’m glad you’re still reading.
The point of all this is that where you are now is all that matters. This is where you should be and this is where you want to be. This is where you can do and act. This is where you have it all, all the possibilities. This is where you have the choice between the possibilities.

Now, Think about what you WANT to be. Think about what you WANT do. Think about when you WANT do it.
Now, read this again, the possibilities are now.

October 12, 2005

Know what you want

After this long wait, you gentlemen and lovely women need something. The keyword never stopped, it just wasnt published. Anyway, The keyword is back.

The keywords are “Know what you want”. Let me break this down to you.

The keyword is “Know”. Know everything. Know all that you see, all that you feel, all that you hear. Know it in all its aspects, its forms, its realities, its illusions. I might even say, Know it like you own it. To know is just be aware. That is not very simple, though. Just, try to make it simple.

The keyword is “what”. You don’t need everything. You don’t want everything. You may think you want lots of things.
Stop reading now, ask yourself what do you really want now. Just try to know what you want now. At this very moment…

… done?, good. I bet it wasn’t many things or at least not as many things as you thought there will be.

Here’s another aspect of the keyword “what”,
What causes what? What creates what? What induces what? The effects of the what are as important as the what itself. The effects of your action is as important as the action itself. The “what” you want has many layers. The “what” has so many implications. Know the aspects of your what.

The keyword is “you”. It’s all about you. Everything is about you. You have your goals. You have your needs, your desires, your thoughts, your expressions, your silly remarks, your wonderful talks, your past failures, your present discoveries, your future goals. You are heading somewhere. Where’s that again? Tell me…

The keyword is “want”. You want to be happy, just that. You maybe want everyone to be happy, or maybe not. You want this because it will make you happy, or well, happier than you are now. Your desires rule you. This is just true. Know what your desires are. Know how you “carry” them around you. Know how many of them confuse you. Know what desires to have.

Know what you want. Let’s review what you have discovered:
Try to be aware of things, try to be aware of the different aspects of the thing, try to relate them to you and your goals, act and then indulge your desire. If you don’t succeed, you just keep trying or just ask yourself is that really what you want?
If by some weird and fortunate situation you find yourself one moment, wanting nothing. Yes, wanting nothing whatsoever. Enjoy it. And, guess what, you can now fully choose what you really want. Enjoy that too.

March 05, 2005

The life(s) you choose

Life is about choices, shitty (as in hard) choices mostly. Choices are a chance (or a need) to change. Change is a desire to develop and to improve, a wish for a tomorrow better than today. It all breaks down to this one simple wish. This wish should define all good and bad changes, choices and lives.

The keyword is “define”: describe and identify. Think about something good. Think about something bad. Compare the two. There is mainly no difference in the (good or bad) objects concerned at any level, just your perception changes, just the “way” you feel about it.

The keyword is “feel”: You feel good. You feel bad. You know good because you’ve known bad (or you’re going to know it in the near future). You perceive the good compared to the bad. You recognize the bad related to the good.

The keyword is “perception”: perception is always biased. It’s never so-called objective or “pure”… You can’t stop feeling, can’t you? All you see, even so called objectively, is what you feel. The objectiveness or “purity” of an idea is only related to how much you can conceive change and new ideas or, more precisely, to how much good fresh ideas make you feel.
There is no static, structured, fixed, ordered higher truth. The higher truth only emanates from your feelings.

Life is about choices, shitty (as in hard) choices mostly. Choices are a chance (or a need) to change. Change is a desire to develop, a wish for a tomorrow better than today. It all breaks down to this one simple wish. This wish should define all good and bad changes, choices and lives.
(The text repetition is here to make you re-read with a new perspective)

The keyword is “wish”: At some point of your life, you had/have/will have a choice to make. You conceive the possible alternatives of your choice; you weigh them according to one another; you choose the best option.
“This wish should define all good and bad.”
This wish is the will to learn new things, to adopt new ideas, to support new concepts, to be totally free, to be open to all suggestions, to be compassionate to differences.
This wish is the will to sustain change.
Sounds like an oxymoron? It’s not. Re-read please.
Don’t regard change as a rupture or a break; it never is. If it seems so, you just were not aware of the subtle differences earlier, you weren’t prepared for alternatives, you couldn’t perceive or conceive them.
All moves subtle and smooth.
Be aware of it, be tuned to it and choices will seem like never-ending soft waves of the tranquil ocean; ripples in the vast always stirring big structure.

Life is about choices, shitty (as in hard) choices mostly. Choices are a chance (or a need) to change. Change is a desire to develop, a wish for a tomorrow better than today. It all breaks down to this one simple wish. This wish should define all good and bad changes, choices and lives.
(The text repetition is here to make you re-read with an better new perspective)

February 26, 2005

Mundus Absurdus

Dépraver de toute lueur nocturne dans une ère de myriade
Aucun sens de l’humour et moult ironies et maintes cavalcades
Aucun signe de principes droits et sans droit de sentimentalisme
Exode du puritanisme authentique et départ du rationalisme
Avènement du matérialisme et prise des essentialistes
Par des existentialistes et un système élito-totalitariste
Empuantissement des mémoires collectives et des goûts
Effondrement des pyramides théologiques et des manitous
Ascension des mouvements pudiques et sectes ahurissants
Adoration de la chaire, de la matière, de la guerre et du sang.

by Jihad Khalil,

January 22, 2005

Over-analyze this

I think people (including me) should stop thinking. Some people suffer what you may call an excessive obsessive compulsive over thinking disorder. Every little thing should have its place, every personality its own psychological stereotype, every act its own script, every look its significance. Problem: people really don’t give a … (fill in the blanks with whatever word you feel like) about what you may think or at the very least, they just can’t know your analyzing probing thoughts.

The keyword is “don’t give a … ”: You really want to be part of something. If you aren’t you wouldn’t feel alive. You’re not really part of your whole self. You sure want to touch others, but somehow you don’t really touch you. You sure want to know about others, maybe in some desperate cause to know yourself. Whatever you may start feeling, you relate it to other people or at least to the weird images you have of them. Fact: these weird images, my man/girl, are a part of you; YOU build those images, they only make sense to YOUR silly self.

The keyword is “image”: image as a picture/representation of something. Yes, illusions my friend. Quoting from “The Tibetan book of dead” (no questions please): “All these are like dreams, Like echoes, Like cities of clouds, Like mirages, Like mirrored forms, The moon seen in water.” Yes, all you perceive/feel/think are subtle illusions. The subconscious is a powerful thing. Problem: indeed, big, big problem.

Example (a simple one):
You meet someone. You’re both having loads of fun. She is great, laughing, smiling and all that. You start thinking, should I take this to next level? Should I say this or that? Should I do this or that? Should I kiss now or later? What will she think if I say this or that or do this or that? How will I react after that? ...
Relax your restless mind. RELAX!

The keyword is “relax”: When you start analyzing (i.e. Over-analyzing) something, Stop. You are missing a shot at something simple and pure, relax, go with the flow and the mood, this flow and this mood you are intuitively creating.

The keyword is “intuitively”: never underestimate sheer intuition. It is the most direct reflection of you. Stop analyzing every single thing you see to build some sort of big ass image. Touch her, kiss her and just tell her. Act as you feel, react as you feel, not as you should feel. Be yourself. Just be yourself.