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August 05, 2004

The usual

You wake up. It’s your usual morning. You’re on your usual side of your bed. You brush your teeth as you usually do, you grab a bite, and you sip your usual coffee to face your usual day. You go to your usual job and do your usual work. You return home, through the usual route you usually take back and forth each usual day. You finish your day with your usual activities/hobbies/chores. All the usual has ended. You finally return back to your usual bed.
You cannot sleep. Not so unusual, but weird: you really can’t sleep; Unusual thoughts in the usual patterns of your mind. Some mutiny in your soul? Why? You just can’t sleep. You just want to sleep. Why again?
Let’s see, what could be the unusual problem in such usual times? There is no problem. You only want to sleep.
Is it a lost love finding its way back? An old love haunting you still? A fervid love burning its way through this usualness of yours? A tiring, endlessly tiring love shaking every thing you got used to? Usually, you wouldn’t care but you can’t sleep.
In such an unusual search for peace, a usual problem arises: uncertainty, unusual daunting uncertainty. You hate that. You usually avoid that. Usually, you would be sleeping.
You want a usual love to fit your usual desires for a usual life. Your usual needs will be fulfilled. You will sleep as you usually did. Why do you want that?
Why sleep in such usual grounds, where every thing you see or do has been seen and done as usually as it can be?
Why sleep when the only thing that heats you beats you down? Your heart is beating regularly as it usually did, but burning so unusually deep.
Why sleep when the only thing that heats you uses you?
Why sleep when your only use is to warm who usually is stone cold, no emotions, no care?
Why sleep when your only used to heat the unusual, the somewhat unavailable?
You are not what you usually were. Why sleep? ...

Can anyone count how many "usual"/"unusual" I have used ?