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April 16, 2004

Party Attitude

So, you wanna go party? Have fun? Loosen out? Great. You phone your cute friends, put on your cute clothes, increase your head’s mass/IQ ratio with tons of gel, spray on some designer’s fragrance, wear that cute (and just darn deadly) smile and you are ready, baby!.
The key word is “cute”: “Oh, you are soooo cute!”, “Hey, my friend said you’re cute!, come on, ask her to dance”… all this to finaly (and hopefuly) land on the cutest girl/guy “in da club”.
The key word is “club”: A formal association of people with similar interests. Well, interests are: party, girls/guys, booze and eventualy scoring…
The key word is “score”: it’s all about the sex. Sex is what drives us all to these places, hey, sex may be only thing that drives us. “us” being the hyper-junky-common youth.
The key word is “common”: all party addicts have basicaly the common interests, desires, moods, moves and looks. The most perceptible and intriguing phenomenon is the feminine fashion statement, identical for most of the feminine club attendants: black top, jeans, belly, belt, heels. Under the dim lights and the dark “ambiance” of the clubs, girls are simply undistinguishable. I can’t recognize the girl I met unless she’s in a half meter radius or unless I feel her curves.
The key word is “undistinguishable”: people cultivate this unoriginality, this common grounds, this “party attitude”. This party world is a giant factory producing the same damn “model” over and over again commanded by a disorderly fashion. I seem to be more and more convinced that norms and conventions (mainly social ones) may be the worse thing to follow and to deal it.
The key word is “norms”: A standard or model or pattern regarded as typical. Maybe we all are alike, maybe all we live through and react to is the same, maybe we are all typically similar… I know I’m not, at least I just try not to be…

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