One Emotion

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April 02, 2004

Just a mere moment

One day, for a mere moment, I find myself just thinking about myself: my origin; Do I have one?, my destination, my goals; Are am really going somewhere?, the girl I can’t seem to talk to and the girl that’s making my life a living hell, the lovely breeze of the awakening spring and the unbearable pollen allergy, the sweet taste of my first kiss and my last, the growing loud sounds of the day and the comforting redemption of the dark night…
The key word is “melancholia”: Extreme depression characterized by tearful sadness and irrational fears. This says it all.
The key word is “irrational”: Pain is for who seeks order and perfection where there is none for everything is chaos; chaos is in everything; and everything affects everything and does nothing. This is the causality. “Be Reasonable” when there is no reason for reason.
The key word is “causality”: effect and its causes. The effect is always perceptible. Causes are only apparent. Causes give a sense of basic-micro-simplicity in all events. Causes are irrelevant for their analysis come too late, and just on time for just some kind of comfort for the orderly soul…
The key word is “order”: Blessed is who can’t grasp this preponderant sense of order in everything. He saves himself much disappointments and time just to try to “make some sense to it all”.
The key word is “sense”: I am sensing the nonsense. I can try and analyze my past, but not my present and the future will always escape me.
The key word is “escape”: go!, run away from it all… you only have a moment…

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